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whats happenin!!

In this column I'll include any breaking news, such as information on upcoming releases,collaborations or tours.

liquid sound design have a new album schedule,which means a release date for my album "inside out"is now set to be january...

a compilation "eluminations"is being compiled now,and is set for release around feb-march..

twisted records are compiling backroom beats,vol 3,which will hopefully have one of my tracks on it

zulu lounge mexico,have just released there newest compilation "satori"which has a kuba track on ot

plans for a couple of releases on cafe del mar!...

keep your ears to the ground for news on new chill-world label"chinchilla records"first comp in the pipe lines!!....

Contributed by loz


if your a musician,looking to collaborate on future projects get in touch!!!...

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